Map tile server demo

We highly suggest you try our Demo instance available at where you will have a graphical user interface (GUI) for trying out the features.

Map tile server usually runs in the background and feeds tiles to the Graphhopper, Nominatim or Web App instances (such as that on However, individual tiles or entire maps can be easily embedded into any project using Leaflet or even individual PNGs.

The syntax to get a specific PNG is as follows:[z]/[x]/[y].png

For example: Of course, this is highly dependent on the zoom level and location on the map, so it’s best to utilize GPS, geocoding or reverse geocoding function, and then have the Tile Server render and provide the tile set to specific address. Once rendered, URL for the PNG stays the same.

Another extremely easy way of getting exact tile PNG images is opening an existing web app (such as our demo page) picking and/or zooming in to the desired location and inspecting the page.

In the “Network” tab it’s easy to see each tile and corresponding address (URL).

As part of a demo, our Tile Map Server serves maps of Poland. External tile query limit is set to 500 per 15 mins to prevent abuse.