Geolocation Servers: Maps, Directions & Geocoding

We provide geolocation services for application development or production use. Our servers include tile map servers, routing servers, geocoding and reverse-geocoding capabilities.

In short

Our virtual servers are drop-in replacements for popular paid geolocation APIs. Rather than paying outside providers per request, our lightweight, pre-configured VMs can provide the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Since all the initial data-crunching is done on our machines, you get a fully configured, small-footprint VM that runs services out of the box, all data included. VMs can be installed on-premise or on cloud.

  • Maps
    Our servers can provide you with highly detailed, dynamic maps of any region. Excellent for embedding in websites, web apps, portals, mobile applications and other projects. All open-source, no additional payments required.
  • Routing & Directions
    Need driving or walking directions? Our routing servers are pre-configured and ready to be deployed. Step by step navigation, including detailed, zoomable maps. No limits on the amount of routes and directions.
  • Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding
    Does your app use GPS? Need a map for a specific location or directions to/from any point on a map? Our geocoding server can do that for you. Excellent for GPS-driven apps.


We utilize open-source technologies from grounds up. This includes operating systems (Linux), virtualization environments (Proxmox, Virtualbox, ESXi), open-source maps (OpenStreetMaps, Geoportals), routing (Graphhopper), geocoding (Nominatim) and tile servers (Mapnik, Leaflet and others).


  • Routing VM Server
    A routing server is responsible for providing driving directions by car, foot or bike.
  • Geocoding VM Server
    Capable of finding locations as well as generating synthetic addresses based on location.
  • Map VM Server
    A map tile server is responsible for providing maps to Routing and Geocoding servers or other requests coming to API. For example, it can serve maps embedded in websites or applications.
  • Balancer VM Server
    A load balancer is responsible for directing traffic to more than one server. This is an option for high-intensity environments.
  • Proxy VM Server
    A reservse proxy works as a firewall for web-facing products.


✔ Fully owned in-house geolocation services, independent of outside providers

✔ No additional costs regardless of the scale of use

✔ Everything under your control, no outside payments

✔ Capable of being tailored or scaled to match your specific needs

✔ Freedom to use in devops and production environments

✔ Foundation for building independent projects from grounds-up

✔ Economic solution for applications which highly utilize geolocation services


We are located in Central Europe. Data centers are in Bialystok, Poland and Warsaw, Poland. Website is hosted in a separate facility in Czestochowa, Poland.

Servers (VMs) can be migrated to any location based on Customer’s request.

Preferred environment is a virtual machine host capable of supporting each server.

Specifications of VMs are dependent on predicted requests and scope of usage. However, given that the first (most intensive) compilation is done on our servers and afterwards migrated to Client’s infrastructure, virtual machines at the Client’s site do not require very high parameters, thus significantly lowering costs of ownership and operation.

About us

  • Our company is registered and located in Poland (European Union).
  • We can provide you with VAT invoices.
  • We provide support in fluent English and Polish.

A bit more about us: get to know the founder here.

Interested in purchasing?

If you’re in need of geolocation services based on your own instances of servers, or may have other propositions, please get in touch with us using the form below.

Support is provided in fluent English or Polish.